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Regulations in UK

Online Casino License from the UK

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland offers one of the best-known (and strictest) licenses for online casinos.

What games can we play online

What games can I play online?

What do you think when you hear playing online? Do you think of casino games as slot machines, do you think of table games like poker, do you think of MMORPG video games?

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming - the King of Live Casino

Evolution Gaming was founded in Latvia in 2006 and is today the best known and best liked pure live casino provider in the European market.

Is it safe to play casino online

Is it safe to play casino online?

Yes, see it is probably a question not so few beginners have asked. You feel tempted to try, but are not entirely sure if it is safe or if you could just throw the money right out of the window right away.