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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland offers one of the best-known (and strictest) licenses for online casinos. You will find this license most often at online casinos, but the popularity of this approval does not mean that it is particularly easy to obtain. A large number of casinos even have separate rules for visitors from the UK, so they do not have to follow the strict rules for all other users.

In casinos, a GB license is particularly popular because of its excellent reputation. This reputation is associated with a tax of at least 15% on the profits of the casino and particularly stringent requirements intended to protect the player to protect really well. As a player, you benefit because you can absolutely trust all UK-registered casinos.

Application for a license

As a whole, online casino regulation is different for every country. Responsible for any form of gambling in the UK is the Gambling Commission Applying for an online casino license in the UK can take some time. On average, it takes about 16 weeks for the application to be processed. On the other hand, the application is relatively inexpensive. A launching online casino pays just over 5,000 for initial use. The biggest barrier for many companies is the tax rate of 15%, which is levied on all profits of the casino every year. As a result, the total cost of a permit from the UK is much higher than in other countries. For comparison, the tax rate for Gibraltar is only 1%, but is levied on sales and not on profits.

Since you must apply for a different license for each type of gambling, the application process is more complicated than other licenses. In Kahnawake, for example, there is only one license for all types of gambling. Although the price is therefore not necessarily lower, it is much easier to apply for a permit there.

The process is facilitated by the excellent organization of the Gambling Authority. Although a simple request in general is not a particularly good signal in terms of reliability, this is the way the UK Gambling Authority operates.

Protection of the players

Protecting players is one of the things that makes a British license extremely rigorous. Rules are so strict here that some casinos set the rules for British and non-British separately. For example, the minimum time you can opt out of a casino is six months, and the UK has its own register, which allows you to be banned from all (registered) casinos in a single step.

The rules that protect the player during the game are also detailed. The biggest difference to most other licenses is that complaints are not handled by the gambling authority itself, but by the UK Ombudsman. Although no numbers are known in this regard, this list is less direct than in Isle of Man or Kahnawake.

Financial regulations

The financial regulations drawn up by the British gambling authorities are aimed primarily at laundering and separating money from the players and other funds of the casino. This will separate the cash flows and you can rest assured that you will actually receive your money in the event of a win.

Technical conditions

The package of technical conditions for casinos is impressive and is recorded in twelve different documents. It describes, among other things, what the design of the games should look like, what happens when the Internet connection is interrupted for a moment and which test processes should be used to ensure the technical quality of the casino.

There are also very precise rules on how random the games should be. In particular, these rules ensure that you can be sure that the games are fair and stay that way. If you still suspect that a game is unfair, you can also turn to the Ombudsman.

How reliable is an online casino in the UK for you as a player?

Hardly any other permit has so many and so strict rules. With these rules and high taxes on online casinos, you can be sure that you can fully trust a UK registered casino. For a newly founded casino, the license does not make sense, because a permit can not even be applied as an aside, also because the application is extremely complicated.

Fortunately, as a player it does not bother you, on the contrary. Due to the strict regulations, you know for sure that your money and personal information are completely safe and that all the games you find on the casino website are fair. The only drawback that the UK license has is that the complaints are directed by the Chief Representative. Although this does not have to be a problem, this additional measure gives the impression that complaints can not be resolved directly and quickly.