Is it safe to play casino online?

Is it safe to play casino online
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Yes, see it is probably a question not so few beginners have asked. You feel tempted to try, but are not entirely sure if it is safe or if you could just throw the money right out of the window right away. Besides, there are many opinions about what is safe and not least what is justifiable. But some discussion of the latter we will not go into here. The security of casino online, on the other hand, we know a lot about it so we feel we can comment on it.

There are many factors that play a role and that are crucial to how safe or insecure playing online casino is. You have to make some choices and consider a number of factors before you go and make a deposit at a casino online . The Internet is like a huge ocean and there are actually a number of predators, so be careful and not move too far into unknown waters, so to speak.

When is it safe to play casino online?

The security of casinos online obviously has nothing to do with a time. It's not safer to play casino online around Christmas, to put it that way, so we can rule that out right away. What makes it safe or not has much more to do with choosing your casino.

You can of course search Google or another search engine and find yourself a casino with a great bonus, or as such and take the chance that you are allowed to play once you have made a deposit and not least that you get your money if you winner. But that is not the best and safest way to go about it. Hundreds of new casinos are popping up every year, and most of them you will never encounter, but it is very likely that you will find around twenty new casinos targeting the market every single year. Are they all serious, do you think? No, unfortunately it is not so.

So how do you go about finding online casinos that are safe to play?

First of all, it is important that the casino has a license. A European license is preferable, but if the casino has a license from Curaçao, then so is it. Go for licenses from Malta or from the UK (including Gibraltar and the Isle of Man). Basically, be critical of all other licenses. A self-respecting licensor also lets you look up a casino in their database, so you can check that the casino that says they are licensed from Malta really is. You can check it in this MGA's own license register. Note, however, that many casinos operate under the license of the company whose platform it builds on. It's okay too.

Is a license a guarantee that a casino is safe?

No. Nothing can be guaranteed. What a license guarantees is that the casino has been safe to play up to now and that it has complied with all the rules so far. But there is no guarantee that what can happen in the future. That's how it is with everything. But if the casino is part of a company that has several casinos, then it increases the chances that it will behave well. Simply because it has an interest in continuing to do business in the market.

What should you do if you feel you have not received the product you purchased?

Take note of the casino's license number and contact the licensor. However, you should of course try to settle the matter with the casino yourself first. Going directly to the licensor will have no purpose unless you have tried to resolve the conflict with the casino first. It also has no purpose if you have not complied with the casino's terms.

Signs indicating that a casino is safe to play

As I said, it is important that the casino works under a license that has prestige in the market. But perhaps more importantly, the games offered at the casino are developed by licensed game developers. Why is it important, you ask? Yes, it is important because it guarantees that the slots are built on a random number generator. The fact that the machine is built on a random number generator means that each spin is independent of the previous or subsequent spin. This means that every spin on the slot machine has exactly the same chance of winning. This means that the slot machine cannot be manipulated by the casino. That a slot machine can be adapted to a casino is not the same as that the casino can manipulate the game. It is always the developer who makes the adjustments to be made and these are always done in accordance with the rules set by the license. If this is not the case then it will not be long before the game developer loses all their prestige and is out of business.

If the casino has games from world renowned game developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, NYX Gaming etc in its portfolio then the probability is that we are dealing with a serious operator. But don't just take this as a guarantee, because the game developers are in no way responsible for the casino and how it operates. But the fact that they have chosen to say yes to offer their games via the operator is still a good sign.

Payment methods and currency

If you create an account at a casino, which initially looks fine but does not make a deposit, then take it as a sign to take an even closer look at the casino. If the casino is unable to accept payment made with a debit card, then that means that the casino has not become familiar with how the market works. If you are going to the market with a casino, then it does not stop to open up a very ordinary payment service and believe that deposits should go smoothly. It does not. There must be a third party in between for the deposit to go well. If customer service starts asking you to try another card, it means they don't know the market.

If your credit card doesn't work and you trust the casino enough that you want it then you can make a deposit with an alternative method, such as Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz or similar. If you do, however, please note that this will prevent some casinos from using the welcome bonus or other bonuses when using these alternative methods. If that is the case, then you can try to offer you the way to verify your account before making the deposit. In this way, the casino ensures that you are not just a bonus hunter.


Offering help to their customers is of course necessary. There is probably nothing so scrupulous as not getting help when you need it. Still, we have the promise that not all casinos can have customer support available around the clock every day of the week. However, we want to emphasize that it is available large parts of the day and if we get help in our language yes then there are good reasons to feel safe.

But if safety and security are really important to you when you play casino online games, then we really have a good piece of advice that surpasses everyone else and it's quite simple: Choose a casino from our list of recommended casinos. If you find a casino on our lists then we have done all checks and checks for you. All you have to do is create an account and play. Easily!