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Evolution Gaming was founded in Latvia in 2006 and is today the best known and best liked pure live casino provider in the European market. In other words, Evolution Gaming has a long lead time in the industry and is one of the veterans when it comes to streaming casino games to the thousands of homes.

When Evolution Gaming started well over ten years ago, they started a small revolution, but live casinos were not widely used in onine casinos right away, but the foundation was laid.

Live casino is a way to take the traditional cross-border online casino games into your living room or your device, whether it be computer or mobile devices. It not only recreates the casino atmosphere, it brings atmosphere to you and it gives it an extra push.

What is being done in practice is setting up a camera in a live dealers casino and making live broadcasts of the game. But that's not all for it not only the dealer can talk to you, you can also talk to the dealer, via chat properly enough, but still.

Evolution Gaming offers lively games

Playing at the casino online often seems like a lonely affair and it is true that it can never replace personal relationships and it has never been intended that they should. But at the live casino there is a real person on the other side that you can talk to.

The dealer at Evolution Gaming is also quite lively and can often hold a dialogue with several players at the same time.

Evolution Gaming is constantly evolving

As the name implies, Evolution Gaming does not intend to stagnate. The company has been working slowly but surely from its early beginnings over ten years ago to become a recognized name in the industry and they have achieved this by never ceasing to improve. Evolution developers constantly develop new games and new variants of old and familiar games that will make it more exciting for you as a player.

The secret to Evolution Gaming's success

One of the most obvious secrets to the company's success is, of course, its compromise to be fully in line with development and innovation in the field. But of course it is also a company where employees are not only regarded as an important resource, but work is being done actively to make the employees feel comfortable and valued. If the company's face thrives outward, it will also appear on the product.

Pioneering technology is also important of course, especially as demanding a market as today, where large parts of the market use computers as they play and another part uses various handheld devices to play mobile casinos. It is therefore important that the product can function optimally in all these units plus that they will function optimally at different connection speeds, because there is no international market standard to rely on here either.

Evolution Gaming wins titles

Evolution Gaming won its first title for Best Live Casino Provider in 2010, just four years after the founding of the company, and it has then won the title every year despite the competition getting tougher and tougher each year.

Evolution Gaming is not only at the forefront and takes the pulse of what's happening in the market, Evolution Gaming is often the one that makes things happen in the live gaming market.

Where to play live casino from Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is today the first thing to think about when listening to live casinos, although there are other providers as well. But this slightly privileged position that the business has and which they have gained, allows you to play Evolution Gaming games at almost every European casino that offers live casino. The developer is often easily recognizable with his little logo at the top of one of the corners of the image inside the live casino.

Live casino is streamed from all over Europe

Evolution Gaming started in Latvia, but has since then set up offices in many different countries. Offices or representations are located in Malta, in Romania, Georgia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Estonia, Spain and the United States.